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Recruitment and Selection

One of Our major administrative assignment is Recruitment (Screening , Selection and hiring of Job seekers of all categories to our Businesspartners in accordance with their Job Profiles, Descriptions Requirements and Preferences. The JOB Seekers or Applicants must pass through the Recruitment processes – CV Application and motivation letter, Interviews, Screening , Final selection and JOB Contract

Hotel & Restaurant Cook

We help Hotels, Restaurants and Catering services to find the best cook. A Good Cook maintains up to date knowledge of recipes, procedures and plating for all menu, special and promo items for which he/she is responsible. A Cook Prepares grill/char grill/salad/sandwich/entree items to recipe or special order.

Training and Development

CONCEPTS Training and Recruiting Services offers Practical Training Program to private individuals, Under graduates and Post graduates students of universities who wants to gain full time practical training experience in Human Resources, Digital Marketing, Projects & Office Management, Events Managements, Fieldwork activities -Campus marketing, Hotel Managements (Housekeeping, Restaurant Services. Our Trainee Program are rotational, and it ranges from minimum of 4 to maximum of 24 (4-24) Months. We accept both Voluntary (Private individuals) and Compulsory Trainee (Students) applications. In many educational curricula a period of practical training in industry is either compulsory or voluntary.

Hotel -Housekeeping

We assist hotels in the provision of Room attendant and housekeeping expert with good knowledge, skills and techniques in the making of hotel Beds, cleaning of hotel Rooms, Toilets, Bathrooms and floors. The qualities of Room attendants and Housekeeping Team includes total concentration, motivation, organizational skills-(ability to arrange the Troller) before the start of the work, punctuality and time management. Housekeeping jobs in hotels are crucial to the hospitality industry. A well-done housekeeping job sets the tone for the guest’s visit—you’re creating a haven for them to return to for the entirety of their stay.


The importance of Kellner/Servicekraft in the hotels and Restaurants cannot be overemphasized. They play a major role in the hotels and Restaurant industry. Servicekraft are always face to face with customers. To give Hotels and Restaurant customers have a MEMORABLE experience we recruit most experienced Servicekraft, Kellnerin who apply their skills and smiling qualities and characteristics to make CUSTOMERS come back the second time and even more.

Kitchen helper

We also offers active services to Hotels and Restaurants through the provision of experienced and motivated kitchenhelper Team to assist the cook in the washing of dirty or used Plates, Spoons and other cooking materials. An experienced Dishwasher is always a great motivator for the smooth functioning of the Restaurants and hotels.
A good kitchen helper moreover assist the cook in the cutting of onions, Potatoes, and washing of Vegetables.